Teach GPIO using Scratch, Ardublocks and Arduino.  

Note: These introductory lessons allow students to use visual based programming languages as an introduction to GPIO and breadboard components before using a Raspberry Pi and Python.

2. Make an Adventure game in Scratch or Python IDLE

Note: These lessons involve using Scratch and Python in a creative manner to enhance computational thinking  

3. Teach Python GPIO using a Pibrella.

Note: I have not used ScratchGPIO on purpose because I have already covered   Scratch for Arduino , Scratch Adventure and Ardublocks as visual programming  languages and wish students to move to Python as a text based language. Each lesson is repeated, once using the Pibrella libraries (to introduce GPIO on a Pi) and then using the RPi GPIO library  in preparation for  using GPIO with breadboard components and Minecraft  

4. Searching and Sorting Algorithms

Note: Lessons to provide coverage of the computing requirements at KS3 PoS 

5. Sonic Pi

Note : Many computing lessons have a defined, expected outcome. Sonic Pi covers text based programming for KS3 PoS in a fun, engaging but most importantly creative way, without necessarily knowing what the outcome will be.

6. Minecraft, Python and GPIO

7. BBC MicroBit

8. Codebug

  • Lesson 1 – Scrolling Messages PFD  PPT
  • Lesson 2 – Blinking Lights PDF  PPT
  • Lesson 3 – Animations PDF  PPT
  • Lesson 4 – Have A Great Day PDF  PPT
  • Lesson 5 – Snakes and Ladders PDF  PPT
  • Lesson 6 – GPIO Does It Conduct? PDF  PPT
  • Lesson 7 – GPIO LEDs PDF  PPT
  • Lesson 8 – GPIO Banana Piano PDF  PPT
  • Lesson 9 – GPIO Glowbugs PDF  PPT
  • Lesson 10 – GPIO Colour Star PDF  PPT

9. Python Turtle

10. Sphero

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