3D Printing

Rob Jones and Tom Bate at Cowley International 11-18 College, have purchased two Ultimaker 2 printers and are the first school in the UK to take delivery and start using the larger Ultimaker 2 Extended.


The college has coordinated the purchase of 7 further Ultimaker 2 printers on behalf of the other secondary schools in St Helens and will roll out teacher training and resources in June 2015.

We are amazed by their ease of use, outstanding build quality and the efficiency of the support from Ultimaker. Students are already using 3D design software to produce their own individual creations. The ability of the printer to allow the operator to adjust build settings throughout the process ensures quality builds.

To the amazement of staff and students, the Ultimaker 2 allows students to create complex products with self assembled moving parts. The larger Ultimaker 2 Extended already allows post 16 Engineering students to produce larger scale complex products as part of their assessed coursework.

The printers will be used across the curriculum with resources and examples of good practice posted to the CREATE Education website. Opportunities exist for involvement from within computer science, design technology, art and design, science, engineering and mathematics.

We intend to use Tinker Cad and Autodesk 123D to coordinate the following inter-school maker challenges:

  • Year 7 & 8 competition to create the best 3D printed business cards and key-rings
  • Year 9 competition to create 3D printed objects to be imported into 3D environments such as Minecraft
  • Year 10 & 11 Computer Science, Construction and Engineering projects linked to L2 qualifications
  • Year 12 & 13 BTEC Engineering projects to manufacture functional products with interlocking 3D components




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